Lacerum Sceptrum

Lacerum Sceptrum is a completely unique story-telling experience. It is a collaborative, Pen and Paper Role Playing Game with a strong emphasis on openness and adaptability. While other pen-and-papers tend to be focused on playing the system, Lacerum Sceptrum uses the system as a framework to allow players to tell a story together. Anything you can imagine can be created within the framework of Lacerum Sceptrum, the only limits are your imagination, and the Director’s decisions (Also called Game Master in other systems).

This is a game for anyone who loves to tell stories, loves fantasty, or just loves games in general. It emphasizes flexibility and freedom over rules and constraints, and provides the framework to tell any story you can imagine within a rich, diverse, and unique world. While rules and guidelines are provided, they are designed to encourage creativity and exploration.
Lacerum Sceptrum takes place across three continents, and includes a thorough, diverse back-story spanning thousands of years. Players can choose any point in the timeline to begin their own story, though three key points in history are recommended for new players for ease of understanding and approach.

Most characters are likely to be human, but players are not confined to this. While many of the ‘traditional’ fantasy races such as orcs, elves, dwarves, etc., aren’t common in this world, a myriad of other populations mingle with the humans, especially in the unexplored lands.

Lacerum Sceptrum is a classless, levelless game. Instead it relies on skill progression and stats to determine your character’s advancement based on how you play. If you want to learn how to pick locks, then you practice picking locks. The more often your character fights with a particular weapon, the more skilled they become not only with the weapon type, but with that weapon in particular.

However, the most unique feature of Lacerum Sceptrum is the magic. Magic permeates everything, it forms the foundation of nearly every living creature, and can actually be drawn out into a physical substance. Every individual is born with a unique configuration of magic based on 8 physical traits the magic exhibits, ranging from temperature to weight to natural shape. The properties of magic are directly related to the character’s personality, traits, and skills, and influence their every action.

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